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by RF at SanVicentePalawan OPC
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Here in San Vicente we are blessed with nature pure!
Beautiful beaches (actually the famous "Long Beach" is with 14km the longest stretch of beach in the Philippines), remote islands, sand bars, coral reefs, snorkel spots, mangrove forests, the variety of wildlife and flora under and above water is almost impossible to list here all.
On land are awaiting you rivers, waterfalls, jungle forests, cocoon grass meadows (which are moving like waves in the wind), rice fields and the amazing scenery of the hills and mountains with breathtaking overlooking spots to get explored.

Thanks to the fact that we are not yet as touristy developed like Port Barton or El Nido our nature is still alive, undisturbed and healthy.
And you still can easily find spots where you can relax and chill out by yourself, without loud music blaring from the speakers from surrounding bars and noisy people enjoying too much the liqueurs. Of course, if you like this, San Vicente also offers some bars for entertainment:)

If you read about the island hopping in Port Barton, that is one of the "HaveToDo"-Things here! We are offering the same tours from San Vicente, because the islands and snorkel spots are almost in the middle between both destinations. German Island is now called Inaladilan and still offers a high chance to snorkel with sea turtles. The island is used by most of the boats from Port Barton for the lunch break and got a bit crowded during the last years.
But the turtles, these amazing animals are growing in numbers already and are now seen at more and more beaches and reefs around. Exotic and close by Maxima Island, Paradise Island, the sandbar "Star Fish Island", Twin Reef are only some of the places which are included in the tours. We can also combine the island snorkel tours with a visit of the Bigaho waterfall as last destination (perfect to wash the salt water from your body).
And from here we can also offer a special trip to Boayan Island which is really unspoiled, amazing beautiful and it is very rare that you see other tourists during your trip. Maybe only other guests from Sunset Beach Resort, sharing the boat with you:)
None of the trips and tours have to be booked in advance! We arrange them for you the day (1) before you want to go. Usually the shared tours start at 9AM at the pier, so be up for breakfast at 8AM and get picked up at 8.45AM. Private tours start whenever you want, you are the Boss:)

Beside the island hopping and snorkel trips you should do also some land tours. The well described and often pictured Bato Ni NingNing (the famous black boulder) is an overlooking place where you have 360 degrees of beautiful scenery. Little Baguio waterfall is close by, Panindigan is a typical fisherman village, the Long Beach, Alimanguan, St. Nino with the Secret Beach, .... There are so many things to see and to do. If you can't drive by yourself we can arrange a transportation (electric mobile with driver) for you. Same like the sea tours, no need to book in advance, only tell us one day before:)

For everything you need or want to know, please don't hesitate to ask! We are always happy to be of help to you!
Your Sunset Beach Resort, Roberto
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