Dining & Menu - Sunset Beach Resort

by RF at SanVicentePalawan OPC
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Our kitchen hours start at 8AM until 1PM and 5PM until 8PM. Last orders always 30min before the kitchen close (12:30PM and 7:30PM). Please understand that between 1PM and 5PM our kitchen staff need to take a rest. During this afternoon break we still can offer you snacks like sandwiches, burgers, french fries, milk shakes and any kind of drinks. Thank you for your understanding:)
SUNSET BEACH RESORT by RF at SanVicentePalawan OPC, Sunset Blvd 1, Macatumbalen, 5309 San Vicente, Palawan, Philippines, TIEZA Business License 0107, Municipality of San Vicente, Mayors office and DOT accredited DOT-R4B-MAB-00320-2022
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